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Golf Trips

2021 Golf Trips

Due to current travel restrictions Absolute Golf will be running trips to top class Intrastate accessible for everyone as well as interstate venues when the borders are open.

We hope to restart the US Trips once travel becomes possible.

Some of our intrastate venues for 2021  

Kooindah Waters - Magenta Shores and Belmont.

Pacific Dunes - Horizons - Newcastle.

The Vintage - Cypress Lakes - Ramada Hunter Valley.

Federal - Yowani - Gold Creek.

The Murray River.



 Learn to play golf in Western Sydney
Teaching Philosophy
Golf is a game where many influences come into play.
Technique, equipment, physique, course conditions
and weather just to mention a few. So getting a tip on
a driving range, off a flat lie just wont do the job.
If you want to play better golf with better scores you
will need a better approach.
Our holistic approach to better golf leaves nothing
to chance. We explore all avenues to lowering your
scores and heightening your enjoyment.
A golf swing is
1/3 Conceptual     1/3 physical     1/3 equipment
Jeff Mansfield at Hayden Lake Country Club
Hayden Lake, Idaho, U.S.A. 2011.
and without an understanding of all three of these factors your not getting  the full picture. But even after this many other influences affect what we do. Hence why we place a premium on On-Course tuition. Many golfers practice well or have had lessons at the golf driving range, but play poorly on the golf course. We take what we do at the driving range on to the golf course and find out where it falls down and put processes into play to make it better.
Our successes come from understanding what is the main fault and approaching it head on. Our job is not to confuse you with technical information but to improve you with better understanding and arm you with the tools to better help yourself. I have spent the last 25 years working with and studying local, interstate and international coaches giving me a broad  knowledge of all aspects of instruction. This teamed with time spent working with district golf academies, launch monitor manufacturers, sports physiotherapists and world class club fitters has allowed me to diversify  my approach from the standard mainstream instruction provide.
I have suitable venues in the western Sydney and Penrith areas for teaching the golf swing component of my golf lessons, as well as suitable golf courses for
any on course lessons that are provided.