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Golf Trips

2021 Golf Trips

Due to current travel restrictions Absolute Golf will be running trips to top class Intrastate accessible for everyone as well as interstate venues when the borders are open.

We hope to restart the US Trips once travel becomes possible.

Some of our intrastate venues for 2021  

Kooindah Waters - Magenta Shores and Belmont.

Pacific Dunes - Horizons - Newcastle.

The Vintage - Cypress Lakes - Ramada Hunter Valley.

Federal - Yowani - Gold Creek.

The Murray River.


Club Fitting




Have you ever heard of dynamic club fitting?
That is looking at a golf swing, working out how it can be improved and then
         matching clubs that will encourage the change.


This is what true club fitting is all about!
A set of clubs fitted to a players existing swing, condemns the player to that swing
  for the life of that set of clubs and a fitting that is done to suit a golfers size and
club speed info, takes into account none of the personal traits the player has.
  These types of fitting are mostly what is done at a discount golf shop, as the people
involved do not have the necessary skills it takes and do not understanding of the golf swing.


As a master club fitter, I have made a living and built a reputation on the clubs I
 have fitted for the golfers I see, not only allowing them to play better golf,
but allowing us to continue to improve their play, with the understanding that
went into the initial fit.


I use and recommend Henry Griffitts, KZG and Infiniti golf equipment as my
custom equipment options at my club fitting centres which include   
Llandilo Golf Driving Range and Colonial Golf Course in Penrith 
and Camden Lakeside CC covering the Western and South Western Sydney area.  



Why Choose Custom Built Clubs?
1. Recieve what you ordered!
Custom manufacturers use tighter manufacturing tolerances
than most of the big brand manufacturers! 
2. Full Fitting warrantee Offered!
Custom Manufacturers warrantee any club
that they build. If you don't like it or it doesn't perform
they will fix it
3. Your clubs can improve as you do!
Because custom built clubs are customised they can be
rebuilt to keep fitting your game, so as you keep improving
your clubs keep improving as well.
  Learn from the experience.
You will love what you see. 
Play better golf!