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2021 Golf Trips

Due to current travel restrictions Absolute Golf will be running trips to top class Intrastate accessible for everyone as well as interstate venues when the borders are open.

We hope to restart the US Trips once travel becomes possible.

Some of our intrastate venues for 2021  

Kooindah Waters - Magenta Shores and Belmont.

Pacific Dunes - Horizons - Newcastle.

The Vintage - Cypress Lakes - Ramada Hunter Valley.

Federal - Yowani - Gold Creek.

The Murray River.

Over the past 12 years I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most advanced technology in the game and some of the most
talented people using the technology.
As a standard we have available to our daily use an Ernst Sports Launch Monitor, V! capture and convert video analysis as
well as the Explanar swing trainer.   
As one of the first Golf Professionals using a Launch Monitor in Australia my back ground with what is needed to benefit golfers allowed me to pick the Ernst Sports E16 model of Monitor. This unit gives all the relevant data as well as is 100% portable and accurate to the letter. We have been very happy with our data received from our E16 as have our pupils who have benefited from its introduction into our sessions.
 Within the video analysis world there are many great swing capturing technologies. the main application we use these days is the V1 Pro model designed to capture golf swings offering the professional frame by frame access as well as comparison swings and the ability to email his pupils their swings after their sessions. This combined with super slow motion technology available to most any of us these days allows us better video technology than ever before. 
The Explanar is a swing trainer used around the world including the Butch Harmon Golf Schools which allows the golfer the feel of the
correct swing arc and the ability to match the corresponding movements. The weighted roller helps train muscle memory
and gives even the least feeling player and understanding of what they are supposed to feel.

From a club fitting point we use Henry Griffitts, KZG and Infiniti club fitting systems to help our golfers manage their golf equipment solutions.